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Primary Contact: Account Owner (Key Holder)

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 11:35AM EST

Each system has a Primary Contact.  The Primary Contact is the person who controls sensitive areas of the application such as Authorizations and Integrated Services.

By default, the individual who places the initial order for a new online hiring system becomes the Primary Contact and is listed as such in his/her user profile. The Primary Contact is readily identified by a “Key” icon
(admin_users_primarykey.png) to the left of the user’s name (visible in Admin > Users).


This individual may retain this appointment or may transfer this appointment to another system user, if desired.


The two additional areas of responsibility, as mentioned above, are as follows:

  1. The Primary Contact has the authority to activate integrated services such as background checks, assessments, etc., whereas other System Administrators do not. After having initiated a service contract with a select third party provider listed under the Admin > Integrated Services tab, the Primary Contact is able to click the activation button to avail this new fully-integrated service to select users of the system.
  2. The Primary Contact also has visibility and access to an “Authorizations” tab, whereas other system users do not. Upon clicking Admin > Authorizations, the Primary Contact may grant one or more system users the authority to use select integrated services or feature. For audit purposes, all authorizations are traced in a history sequence at the bottom of the Authorizations page.


In the event that the Primary Contact wishes to relinquish this responsibility and transfer this appointment to another System Administrator, he or she can do so by clicking the “Key” icon found on the right side of the desired user’s profile. After clicking ‘Yes’ on a confirmation pop-up, the newly assigned user becomes the Primary Contact along with the full access and responsibilities as described above.


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