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Electronic Onboarding: Integrated Service Overview

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018 11:05AM EST
Hyrell’s fully electronic Onboarding module automates the onboarding process using electronic forms (E-forms) created from original onboarding documents (company handbooks, compliance and tax forms, etc.). Once an applicant is hired, HR officials can send an email to the new employee that includes a link to access the required onboarding documents, which the employee will complete and return online. HR officials can also schedule I-9 review meetings within an applicant's file.


 Article Outline:

  1. Setup:
  1. User's Guide
  1. The Applicant’s Experience


Feature Set-up


Before you can activate Onboarding, you must contact your Account Executive to receive your activation code and establish a billing schedule. Once you have received your activation code, this short introduction will walk you through the following steps: 1) Activate Service 2) Authorize Users 3) Convert Original Onboarding Documents to Electronic Forms (E-forms) 5) Assign E-forms to Positions. Once you complete these steps, you can follow the User’s Guide to use this feature when you hire a new employee.

Step #1 – Activate Service

To activate Onboarding, go to Admin>Integrated Services

Click Onboarding and then click Learn More


If you have already set up your Onboarding account with your Account Executive, you should have an activation code. Click Activation (top right), enter your Activation Code, and then click Submit


Step #2 – Authorize Users

Note: When you authorize a user, he or she will be able to initiate the electronic onboarding process, view an applicant’s onboarding forms, schedule onboarding/I-9 review meetings, and access all of the applicant’s onboarding information in the system at any time.

To authorize a user, go to Admin>Authorizations.     

Click Onboarding, select the user(s) you want to authorize using the checkboxes, and then click Update.



Step #3 – Convert Original Onboarding Documents to Electronic Forms (E-forms)

Your original onboarding documents must be converted to an electronic format (E-form) before they can be used by the Onboarding module. You must upload all onboarding documents (including any state and federal government forms) from your C-drive or scanner to the hiring system and notify the Librarian that they are ready to be converted. The Librarian will convert them to E-forms, and your Account Executive will let you know when they are ready to be assigned to each position within your Library. 

Go to Library>Files>Onboarding.

Click +New and select Upload.


Select the category (folder) in which you want to save your original document using the checkboxes and then click Choose File.

Note: The Librarian will save the converted E-form to the same category/folder.

On the Windows File Upload dialog, browse and select a document and then click Open.

Once the file has uploaded, click Add, and the document will be added to your list of onboarding files as an “Original” document.


To notify the Librarian that your documents are ready to be converted into E-forms, select the checkbox for one or more “Original” documents, click Take Action, and then click Convert to E-form. Click OK on the confirmation message.


An email alert is sent to the Librarian, who will convert the original documents to E-forms. Your Account Executive will let you know when all documents have been converted.

 Note: If needed, you can request a brief webinar to learn how to assign E-forms to positions in your system or refer to the next step.


Step #4 – Assign E-forms to Positions

Once your E-forms are ready, you can assign them to positions in your hiring system. These E-forms (company documents, state tax forms, federal forms, etc.) will be sent to each new hire via a link in an email that is sent from within the Onboarding section of the applicant file. There are two ways you can assign E-forms to positions:



  • Go to Admin>Organization and click the name of a location within your organization.
  • Click Add/Edit in the Electronic Forms section.
  • Select one or more E-forms using the checkboxes and then click Save. The E-form(s) will be automatically added to each position within that location.


  • If you want to add/edit E-forms for a specific position within a location, click the name of the position and then click Add/Edit in the Electronic Forms section. When you select E-forms and click Save, they are only added to that one specific position.



  • Go to My Positions and select the checkbox next to a position in the list.
  • Click Take Action>Review for a posted position or Take Action>Edit for an unposted position.

  • You can review/edit any of the content on the first page of the position or click Save & Continue to proceed directly to the next page where you can add E-forms to this position. Click the + next to Electronic Forms to move it to the Selected Elements list and then click Save & Continue.

  • On the next page, you can add one or more E-forms to this position by browsing the library. Click Browse Library in the Electronic Form section, select one or more E-forms using the checkboxes, and then click Save.
  • Click Save & Continue to move to the final review page and then click Save to save your changes. The E-forms added to this position will be sent to every applicant you hire for this position when you initiate the onboarding process.


User’s Guide

To begin the onboarding process, click Hire in an applicant’s file. You can review/edit the standard email and/or attach any other documents/files to send to the new hire and then click Send. Once you have hired the applicant, you can click Onboarding to initiate the onboarding process. You can review/edit the standard email and see the E-forms saved to that position. Click Send to send the email to the new hire. The email will include a link to the required onboarding documents (E-forms), which the new hire can complete and submit online.


Once the new hire has completed and submitted all E-forms, you can click Forms Received in the applicant’s file to access and review them.


After reviewing the onboarding documents, you can click Schedule I-9 Meeting, which enables you to invite the new hire to a meeting for a final review of his or her E-forms and to confirm his or her identification and sign the Form I-9.



The Applicant’s Experience

When you initiate onboarding for a new hire, he or she will receive an email containing a link to all onboarding documents (E-forms) in a secure and encrypted file. The new employee must create a password to access the onboarding documents and can then follow the instructions to complete and submit all required E-forms.


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