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Verified First: Feature Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:57PM EST

Hyrell's integration with Verified First allows users to perform pre-employment background screening on any applicant. All screening activity is done by way of Verified First’s Google Chrome extension. Please note this integrated service is only available through the Google Chrome browser at the present time. Verified First is currently working to offer their services through Firefox and Safari. This document will be updated once that work is complete.

Feature Set-up & Walkthrough

Step #1 -- Activation

Setup and activation of Verified First is only available to System Administrators. Other User roles do not have this ability.

Verified First requires an initial phone call to setup your account, at which time you will be provided login credentials.

To activate Verified First, navigate to Admin > Integrated Services > Background Check and click Learn More in the Verified First billboard. 

Navigate to the Activation tab and enter your activation key. Please see your Hyrell account representative to receive your key. Press Submit when completed.

Step #2 - Authorizing Users (Optional)

By authorizing a user, that user will be able to initiate background checks and will also be able to access/review background check results.

To authorize a user, click Admin > Authorizations. Select Background Checks and select the checkbox of user(s) you wish to authorize. Click Update to save.

Step #3 -- Installing the Verified First Google Chrome Extension

All background screenings are initiated through Verified First’s Google Chrome extension. To download and install this extension click here. Click the Add To Chrome button.

You may receive a popup to confirm you wish to add this extension. Click Add extension

After the extension has been installed, you will see a Verified First icon in the upper-right corner of your browser. Click this icon to log in to your Verified First account using your Verified First credentials. 

Note: You must enter your Verified First credentials here -- you will not be able to log in using your Hyrell credentials. 

Initiating a Background Check

Navigate to an applicant file and click the Background Check tertiary tab. 

Next, click the Verified First extension icon in the upper-right corner. Clicking this icon will make the “Verify/Screen” button appear.

Click Verify/Screen to automatically open the Verified First extension. Here you can choose your account (should you have more than one with Verified First), the owner of the background check, and the appropriate package. The applicant’s name and email address are pre-populated,but can be edited if necessary. Click Send Email Invite to send the applicant an email invitation to begin the process.

Notifications and Results

The owner of the background check will receive an email notification when the check has been completed. Also, the initial Verify/Screen button will change depending on the current stage of the background check. Other possible statuses are “Waiting On Applicant”, “Ready To Order”, “Report Pending”, “Report Complete”, “Multiple Files Exist”. Please contact your Verified First representative for details.


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