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Drug Test Consent: Feature Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:56PM EST

Drug Test Consent enables authorized users to initiate and receive electronically-signed drug test consent forms from job applicants.

Feature Set-up & Walkthrough

Step #1 -- Activation

To activate the Drug Test Consent, navigate to Admin > Settings > System Settings and locate the Drug Test Consent switch. Click the switch to the ON position and then click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Users can decide whether or not they wish to receive notifications when a consent form has been received. To turn this notification ON or OFF, navigate to your user profile > Notifications and locate the following switch: “Would you like to receive an email notification for Drug Test Consent Form?” and then click Update at the bottom of the page. Please note that only the user that initiated the request will receive the receipt notification.

Step #2 -- Editing the Consent Form (optional)

Hyrell has provided you with a pre-built consent form, however authorized users may edit this form to align with their internal processes. To view and edit the consent form, navigate to Library > Forms > Consent Forms.  The ##companyname## token can be used throughout your form and once the form is emailed to an applicant, your company’s name will automatically appear when the applicant views the form. Once your changes are made, click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Please note that changes made here will apply to all future consent forms that are sent to applicants.

Sending the Consent Form to an Applicant

Navigate to an applicant file and locate the Initiate Consent Request tertiary tab. The email can be edited prior to sending, and attachments may be added. Click Send to send the request to the applicant. 

When the request has been sent, the applicant status and last action will change to Consent Form Requested. Additionally, an activity entry will be added to the applicant file, Position Details page, and the Dashboard to indicate when the request was sent.

Applicant Experience

The applicant will receive a drug test consent email that contains a link to a web form. The applicant will click the link, review the consent form, electronically sign, and submit the signed form.

Notification and Receipt of Form

The hiring manager who initiated the consent request will receive an email notification (provided it is turned ON, see Step #1 above) informing him/her the signed form has been received. 

When the consent form is received, the applicant status and last action will change to Consent Form Received. In addition, an activity entry will appear in the applicant file, Position Details page, and the Dashboard indicating the date and time the consent form was received.

To view and download the applicant’s form, navigate to the Consent Received sub-tab and click the Download Consent Form; the form will download as a PDF. The PDF will automatically include the date and time the applicant signed and submitted the form.

Email Templates

Two new email templates have been created for Drug Test Consent. Authorized users can locate and edit the first template by navigating to Library > Message Templates > Processing #400. Locate message #484 Consent Form Received Notification and click the edit pencil to make changes. This is the message the user receives upon receipt of the completed form.

The second template can be found in Library > Message Templates > Test Initiation Messages #800. Locate message #896 Drug Test Consent and click the edit pencil to make changes. This message is what the applicant receives when a consent request has been initiated.


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