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Overall Score: Feature Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:56PM EST
You can now set the way an overall applicant score is generated in your hiring system: Automatic or Manual.


To manually create an Overall Score, navigate to Admin > Settings > Scoring and select ‘Manual’

A drop-down menu will appear with manual scoring methods that have been created in your system. Select a method and click 'Save' -- this will be the scoring method for all applicants in the system.


This option automatically generates an overall applicant score. To activate, navigate to Admin > Settings > Scoring and select ‘Automatic’

The following list of automated position elements will appear: Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Virtual Interview, Warehouse Test, and any Auto-Scored custom elements. Simply check the desired element(s) you wish to be included included in an applicant’s Overall Score and click 'Save'

How It Works

Position element(s) included in your Overall Score, but not actively used in a particular position, will not be a part of the equation used to derive the Overall Score for that position. As an example, if you selected three elements to make up your Overall Score, but a given position only uses two of the three elements, the system will only take the missing element into account to develop the Overall Score..

If a Virtual Interview is part of an Overall Score, and the applicant’s answers have not yet been evaluated by a user, the applicant’s Overall Score will read ‘Pending’ until the Virtual Interview has been scored -- at which time, the Overall Score will be automatically applied.

Removal of Average Score

Please note that ‘Average Score’ has been removed from the system. The Average Score was once the average of Hard Skills, Soft Skills, and Virtual Interview, but did not include auto-scored custom elements in its equation. To replicate the Average Score equation, simply choose Hard Skills, Soft Skills, and Virtual Interview to comprise your automatic Overall Score.

Note 1: Selection(s) made in the Admin > Settings > Scoring will apply to all users throughout the system. 

Note 2: The Scoring tab is accessible to all users whose User Role settings switch has been activated in their User Role profile.


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