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Indeed Apply: Integrated Service Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:56PM EST



The Indeed Apply feature is designed to increase job applicant traffic by enabling applicants to quickly and easily apply to postings from a smartphone. By doing so, an applicant simply answers a few yes/no questions and clicks ‘Submit’. His/Her resume and personal contact information is automatically added to the application from an Indeed profile (or the applicant is prompted to create a profile for ongoing use). Hiring officials may then fully process the ‘lite application’ or invite the applicant to complete the remainder of the job application before continuing to process the applicant.

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Feature Set-up


By default, this no-cost feature is automatically activated in your online hiring center. If at any time you wish to adjust these feature settings, go to Admin > Integrated Services > Job Boards and click ‘Learn More’. Click Activation (top right). Then click the switch to ‘On’ (or 'Off') and click ‘Submit’.
If this feature is active, all currently-posted positions (and all future postings) will automatically enable applicants to apply from a mobile device.


Defining a “Lite Application”

A ‘lite application’ is an applicant file that contains a limited amount of applicant information by design: answers to yes/no questions and a resume if required, and personal contact information. A hiring manager has the option to process a lite application to an ultimate rejection or hire, or may invite the applicant to return to the application to complete all the remaining screening questions contained in the full application.

How an Applicant Submits a Lite Application


To submit a lite application using Indeed Apply, the applicant would access the job posting via his or her mobile phone or tablet and click “Apply Now”:


If the applicant has an existing profile on, he or she will be prompted to login to the site:


If the applicant does not have an existing profile, he or she will be asked to enter a valid email address, and upload a resume:


Once the resume is uploaded, the applicant will begin to fill out additional contact information, such as First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number:


After basic contact information is collected, the applicant will begin to fill out simple “yes / no” questions which can include: EEO Information, Hard Skills Questions, and Soft Skills Questions:


After completing all "yes / no" questions, the applicant will click the “Apply” button to officially submit the lite application:


Processing a Lite Application

Hiring officials can fully process lite applications in the same fashion as full applications. This includes Acknowledge, Interview Scheduling, initiation of background checks and assessments, as well as Hire, and Reject actions.  


The Full Application

The following is a list of actions that may not be performed unless or until the job applicant completes the remainder of the job application:

  • Virtual Interview
  • References
  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Residence History
  • Accidents
  • Convictions
  • DOT
  • Warehouse Test
  • Tax Credit
  • Required Document

Full Application Invitations


System users may invite an applicant to complete the remaining sections of the job application by clicking the ‘Click here’ link in the highlighted area of the applicant file. The job applicant will receive an invitational email containing a link to their application.


Once the applicant completes the application, the Application Type will change to “Full Application.” You may also invite multiple applicants to complete full applications at once from the applicant queue located in either the My Position Tab or the Talent Tab. Simply check the desired applicants, then click Take Action > Invite to Job.


Auto Invitations

When activated, this feature will automatically send the Invitation to Complete email to all Indeed Apply applicants immediately after they submit their lite application.
To activate, go to Admin > Integrated Services > Job Boards > "Indeed Apply" Learn More > Activation > and switch the "Auto Invitation" to the on position and then click Submit.  


1. When an auto invite is sent, the applicants’ Last Action status will change to “Auto Invite Sent”. The applicant will still be considered a new, unopened applicant after the invite is sent. Only until a user opens the applicant file will their Last Action change to “Reviewed”.  

2. Users can still manually invite applicants even if an auto invite was already sent by using the same process as outlined above.
3. When an auto invite is sent, the yellow banner located in the applicant file will indicate the date when the most recent invite was sent. 



When a position is posted, mobile applicants find that it takes little effort to apply to the job posting. After answering a few questions, all other information is pulled from the applicant’s Indeed profile. On the contrary, desktop and laptop applicants are presented with, and must complete, all questions that make up a “full application”. Hiring officials maintain the option to fully process the ‘lite applications’ or invite those applicants to complete the full application in order to compare all applicants in the same fashion.


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