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Custom Elements: Feature Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:56PM EST

Custom Elements is an optional feature allowing hiring managers to compile different types of questions into a single form which may then be added to position templates for applicant completion. This feature provides more flexibility in controlling the applicant screening process and grants greater insight into a candidates company-specific qualifications.

Feature Set-up

User Permissions

In Admin > User Roles, System Administrators may select which user roles can create and edit Custom Elements. Check the user role you wish to update, then click Take Action > Edit > Job Templates, then switch the Create/Edit Custom Elements permission to the “On” position and click Save.

Step #1 -- Creating Custom Elements

To create a new Custom Element along with any number of customized questions, navigate to Library > Position Elements > Custom Elements. Click the ‘+New’ button > Custom Element. There is no limit to the number of custom elements a user can create or the number of questions contained within a custom element.

Users can create Categories to organize their Custom Element(s) by clicking ‘+New’ button > Category.

Before creating a new Custom Element, you must select a Category for the element using the checkboxes, then click “Add” to save it to that folder within your Custom Elements Library. A default Category entitled “General” has been included for your convenience.

After choosing the Category, name the element and click “Add Item” to create the first question that is to appear.

Type in the question content. Optionally, you may add a Response Tip to provide context relative to the question. Next, select a Question Type from the dropdown. The question types are as follows:

1. Text
2. Multiple Choice
3. Checkboxes
4. Date
5. Scale
6. Grid

By default all new questions are required, however users can uncheck “Required Question”  to make a question optional. Click Done to complete your question.

There is no limit to the number of questions or the type of questions you can create in a custom element. You can reorder the questions by simply dragging and dropping them to a different location.

Question Types

1. Text - an open text box enables the applicant to provide a free-form response

2. Multiple Choice - the applicant may choose only one of the provided answers

3. Checkboxes - the applicant may select one or more of the answers

4. Date - the applicant may pick a date from the calendar or manually type in a date

5. Scale - the applicant may only choose one answer from the horizontal scale

6. Grid - displays columns and rows from which the applicant may choose multiple responses per column

Note: Custom elements that have been used in archived positions, or are currently being used in posted positions cannot be deleted from your Library. (Tip: If there are custom elements you no longer wish to use, create a Recycle Bin category and place your unwanted elements into the new category.)

Step # 2 -- Assigning Custom Elements To A Position

Once a user creates a custom element it will appear in the list of Available Elements when creating/editing positions. The maximum number of custom elements that can be used in a single position is 10. Users simply need to click the “+” button to add the elements they wish to use in the position and click “Save & Continue”.

Note: All user roles with the exception of “Read Only” can assign custom elements to a position. 

On “Step 3. Fill in Content” users can click “Preview” to view the contents of the custom element in a popup window, or they can remove the element from the position altogether by clicking “Remove”.



On “Step 4. Review and Save” users can click the “Edit” link to take them back to “Step 3. Fill in Content”.

Finally, the user will click “Save” to complete the creation/editing of the position.  

Now that the position is saved, it is ready to be posted.

On the applicant side, all Custom Elements will by default appear after Hard Skills, Soft Skills and Virtual Interview if those elements are being used. If a position is not using Hard Skills, Soft Skills, or Virtual Interview, the custom elements will appear first.

Viewing Applicant Responses Within The Applicant File

Just like Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Virtual Interview, etc., custom elements have their own tab within the applicant file. The name of the tab will be the exact name of the custom element. Users simply need to click on the custom element tab to view the applicants’ responses.

Custom elements will also be included in all printed and downloaded applicant files, including Forward File to external users. Check the box next to Applicant File (Basic) when choosing your download elements, and the responses will be included in the PDF applicant file.

Downloaded Applicant File:


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