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Applicant Import Feature Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:56PM EST

The Import feature allows system users to transfer paper applications and resumes into a digital applicant file. 

User Permissions

In Admin > User Roles, System Administrators may select which user roles can create applicant files. Check the user role you wish to update, then click Take Action > Edit > Applicant Processing, then switch the Import Applicants permission to the “On” position and click Save.

Creating an Applicant File

To create an applicant file, you must first have the applicant’s first and last name along with their email address. All applicant files must be associated to a posted position and thus must be created in the Applicant Queue page. First navigate to My Positions and click on the position you wish to create an applicant file for.

Next, click Take Action > Add Applicant to bring up the applicant creation form. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required, all others are optional.

The available fields are as follows:

- First Name*
- Last Name*
- Email*
- Address
- Address 2
- State
- ZIP Code
- Phone
- Alternate Phone
- Applicant Source*
- Original Application Date (date picker or manual date entry)*
- Resume (ability to upload, the max file size is 50MB)
- Other Files (If used, a new tertiary will appear in the applicant file titled “Other Files”, the max file size is 3MB)

After all fields have been completed, click Save to create the applicant file. If you wish to create multiple files in succession, click the Save and Add Another button to save your current applicant and clear the form allowing you to easily create additional applicants.

If an email address is entered that is already associated to an existing applicant, the applicant’s personal information will automatically be pre-populated into your form.

After the applicant file has been created, an activity will appear in the Applicant File activity stream only, indicating which user created the applicant file. Note: this entry will not appear in the activity stream on the Dashboard or Position Details.

The following applicant information will be automatically populated when the applicant file is created:

1. Application Type = Manual Addition
2. Stage = Stage 0
3. Applied Date = Originally Applied Date
4. Last Action Date = date the application was created (Note: the Applied Date and Last Action Date may be different if the applicant’s original application was received prior to creating their file in the hiring system)
5. Last Action = File Created

Position Metrics

For every applicant file created, the position’s applicant count and query count increase by one.

Once An Applicant File is Created

The hiring system will automatically cross reference the applicant’s email address and if a match is found, all of the applicant’s previous applications will be available within the “See other applications” link.

If the position the applicant was associated to contains any position elements, those element tertiary tabs will be grayed out within the applicant file. 

Once an applicant file is created, the applicant can be fully processed including Hire and Reject actions, or conversely a user can invite the applicant to complete a full application. Simply select the applicant from the Applicant Queue > Take Action > Invite to Job. This will bring up a prewritten email containing a link to the position. Once the email is received the applicant can click the link to complete the full application at which point their Application Type will change to “Full Application”. .

Internal Picklist Options

We created two internal-only picklist options that can be applied to imported applicants. They are “Imported” and “Unknown.” The thinking behind this is you may not know the applicant’s source, but because it is a required field when creating applicant files, you may want to apply a source of “Unknown” or “Imported”. These sources can later be changed by the applicant on the Personal Information section of the application, should they return to complete their full application.


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