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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 11:35AM EST

The purpose of forwarding a file is to encourage communication among managers.  If there are multiple managers that are looking at applicants, they can forward the file to another manager to draw his or her attention to an applicant and get his or her feedback. In the Hyrell Online Hiring System, all forward file actions are traced in the applicant's file, so that you can have a detailed record of who has contributed to the hiring process and who still needs to be consulted.


To forward an applicant file, click on the green “Forward File” button and select:

  • To Registered User
  • To External User


Forward File to Registered User

Forwarding an applicant’s file to an existing user is quick, simple and easily tracked within your online hiring center. Upon clicking Forward File, simply select "To Registered User" from the dropdown menu. The system will automatically generate an appropriate message that includes the position title and a link to the applicant's file, allowing the recipient to add thoughts and comments. Once you are ready to send, just select the recipients of your message and then click send message.


Forward File to External User (Non-registered User)

System users have the option to forward an applicant's file to an individual not registered in the system. A file forwarded to a 'Registered User' provides direct access to the applicant's file, whereas a file forwarded to a 'Non-registered User' contains a PDF copy of the applicant's file and a link for the Non-registered User to provide comments back to the applicant's file. Upon clicking Forward File, select “To External User” from the dropdown menu and list of attachment options will appear. Select the elements of the applicant file that you wish to attach, edit the pre-populated message to your liking, enter the recipient’s email address and click send message.


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