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How to Set Assignments

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 11:06AM EST

To set the Assignments of a User, you must go to the Admin>Users tab:

  1. Find the User you want to update and hover over their profile information; the background will change to yellow and click the small Edit pencil icon to the right to begin
  2. After clicking Edit, you’ll be within the specific user’s User Profile, seeing several tabs on the left side of the screen. Click on "Assignments"
  3. You will now see the Organization chart with open boxes to the left of the location/department names. Click once in any box; you’ll grant the User access to that location/department/position. If you want to grant access to everything in your organization, click once in the root location (the very first folder/location/department). You’ll then see everything with a green check mark

When a new, non-System Administrator User is added to the hiring system, they will need to be Assigned to locations/departments/positions by an existing System Administrator before they can see information on either the My Positions or Talent tabs. The selected Assignments will dictate what the new User can and cannot see, granting them access to the specific locations/departments they’re responsible for and correlating jobs/applicants contained within them. You can even go as far as granting access to only one job in the entire system, so it’s a versatile macro and micro assignment setup.

If inviting new, non-System Administrator Users to the system, it's recommend to update Assignments while they are still in the "Pending" status. By doing so, you assure those Users will have positions and applicants visible when they log in for the first time and begin taking on their in-system responsibilities.

The only user role that does not need to update Assignments is the System Administrator. By default, a System Administrator has access to every location/department/position and has no selected Assignments. The only time a System Administrator needs to update their Assignments is if they would like to receive e-mail notifications regarding system activity. If that is the case, they may update their Assignments as outlined above, then proceed to Notifications to dictate what types system activity they wish to receive e-mails regarding.


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